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Wild Yam Cream - 2 oz

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Menopausal Symptoms
During menopause, 75% of women experience 
symptoms as a result of hormonal fluctuations. The severity,
frequency and duration of these symptoms are influenced by many
factors including genetics, diet, and exercise. The most
predominant include: Hot flashes Night sweats Emotional
Stability Lack of Libido Weight gain Hypothyroidism
Osteoporosis Vaginal Dryness A Brief History About Wild
Yam Wild Yam has been used by many cultures for over 2,000
years. In Chinese medicine it was first mentioned in the Pen
Tsao Ching in 26 B.C. In the 1800’s, Lydia Pinkham’s tonic for
women had many of the herbs that are found to be most effective
for menopausal complaints. Wild Yam was in the original formula
along with other phyto-chemically rich herbal extracts. In the
1940’s, the scientific community discovered Wild Yam. An article
published by Professor Russel Marker showed progesterone and
estrogen could inexpensively be synthesized from diosgenin, the
active constituent found in the Wild Yam Root. Until then,
production of these was based upon costly multi-step extractions
from animals. Today, Wild Yam has gained notoriety as one of the
best natural sources of phytohormones. The use of Wild Yam can
offer the user an alternative with no side effects or toxicity
unlike the prescription counterparts. Wild Yam Cream
(10%) Wild Yam Extra Strength Gel (12%) Are two Diosgenin rich
topically applied products that are easily absorbed and have
great moisturizing properties. Our unique extraction process
insures that freshness and potency are at the highest levels.
These products offer Phyto-Progesterone, from Wild Yam.

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