AYURCEUTICS: WinterWell™ 45 vegicaps
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WinterWell™ - 45 vegicaps

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1 capsule, two to three times per day or as directed 
by your health care practitioner. Not for use during pregnancy.
If you are nursing a baby or taking any prescription drugs, seek
the advice of a health professional before using this product.
Not to be taken by children under 12. Keep out of reach of
children. Care for the Environment As a manufacturer, our
actions can have a large impact on the environment. We always
look for the most earth-friendly, sustainable choice. All
Ayurceutics products feature: Vegetarian capsules and tablets
with no animal-derived ingredients Extraction using only pure
water & alcohol, not toxic solvents Non-irradiated
herbs Organic cotton stuffing Bottles that are easily
recyclable #2 plastic, HDPE This potent blend of Andrographis
and other Ayurvedic herbs supports the health of the immune and
respiratory systems during the winter season and throughout the
year.* Immune and respiratory system support*

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