BIOTEC FOODS: Soy Guard 500mg 170 caps
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Soy Guard 500mg - 170 caps

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Soy Guard™ is a superior food supplement with noticeable health 
benefits. The soy sprouts are dehydrated at a low temperature,
ground into powder and encapsulated. The result is a
concentrated live Soy supplement that retains the sprouts
precious phyto-chemicals, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Soy
Guard™ effectively lowers your risks of disease and chronic
degenerative conditions, while enhancing personal health and
increasing vitality and longevity.

Soy Guard is a iso-flavonoid rich supplement with noticeable 
health benefits. Our sprouts are dehydrated using only low
temperatures and then cold ground into powder before
encapsulation. The result is a concentrated, live soy
supplement that retains the sprout’s precious phyto-estrogens
and anthocyanins: genistein and diazein. Soy Guard effectively
lowers your risk from xeno-estrogens that degrade normal
cellular function, by beneficially blocking normal cellular

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