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  • Also known as “American Valerian”
  • Antispasmodic
  • Contains Sedative

FLOWER ESSENCE Ladys Slipper (Yellow) Dropper .25 OZ

Product Description
Flower Essence Ladys Slipper (Yellow) Dropper is a formula that has a positive qualities which is higher purpose aligned with daily work, integration of spiritual vision with vital forces in the root and creative chakras. Has a pattern imbalance of life purpose and direction not aligned with outer activity; nervous exhaustion or sexual depletion due to inability to access life force in the lower chakras.

Supplement Facts
Water, brandy*, infusion (1:6000) of cypripedium parviflorum flowers†

*Organic and Biodynamic

Suggested Use
Four drops, four times daily.

Consult your healthcare professional before use.

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