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Odor Ease Hand Soap - 4 fl oz

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Directions: Wet hands and areas to wash.  Work 
into rich lather, then rinse well. As with any soap, avoid
contact with eyes, in case of contact, flush with water.
Ingredients: Ingredients: Purified water, sodium coco
sulphate, coco betaine, coco amide, antium dioxide (from sodium
bicarbonate), sodium chloride (sea
salt), eucalyptus/spearmint/geranium/clove extract complex and
citric acid. Supplemental Facts: Thoroughly, yet gently
cleans. Helps remove objectionable odors. All
natural ingredients. All Terrains' Odor Ease Hand Soap helps
remove objectionable odors from: Fish, garlic, and other
foods, Skunks and other animals, Tobacco
smoke, Chemicals. If odors have gotten into hair. Odor Ease
is pH neutral and gentle enough to use as a shampoo. Also good
for pets and clothes Look for other All Terrain(R) Natural
Remedies for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Deet-Free Insect
Repellents, Remedy Rubs, UVA/UVB Sunscreens, Natural First
Aid, Functional Soaps, Performance Supplements. All Terrain
promotes outdoor activity, environmental conservation
and responsible environmental organizations. This product not
tested on animals.

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