Miztique: Red Rooibos Moon Spice 3-Pack 3 x 35ct

Red Rooibos Moon Spice 3-Pack - 3 x 35ct

by   Miztique
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Description: Rooibos Red Tea In Africa, it?s called ?Rooibos? or
?Red Bush?. Indigenous to the Western Cape of South Africa,
Rooibos naturally holds rich nutrients that make for a tasty,
aromatic tea. Red Rooibos Moon™ Spice tea magically blends
Rooibos with Cinnamon, Apple, and Vanilla flavors. Naturally
caffeine-free Red Rooibos Moon™ Spice tea bursts with naturally
occurring antioxidants and is one of the healthiest teas under
the moon. The enchanting taste is a favorite for all ages, and
can be enjoyed hot or cold. Size: 35ct Tea Directions: Place one
tea bag at the bottom of your favorite cup. Pour 8 ounces of
boiling water over the bag and let it steep, covered, for 2-5
minutes. Remove the tea bag and indulge in your magical
adventure. Drink 1 or 2 cups daily. Serving Size: 1 Tea 35
Servings per container Amount per serving:2g % Daily Value: + ~
Ingredients: Proprietary Blend: Rooibos Tea Leaf, Cinnamon Bark,
Natural Flavors

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