ActiPet: Hip and Joint Defense Fetchables 8 Chew Bacon bones

Hip and Joint Defense Fetchables - 8 Chew Bacon bones

by   ActiPet
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Description: Hi! I'm Buddy, a hardworking and playful dog. Because I like to run outside, jump for frisbees and fetch the morning paper, Bob, my two-legged pal, gives me special biscuits called Hip & Joint Defense™ Fetchables™, a high-quality wholesome dog treat. He says they contain glucosamine and MSM which are good for my joints, but I like the smoked bacon flavor. After eating these treats, Bob's friends said they noticed a spring in my step and I was able to keep up with the pups at the park. Unlike a lot of other pet treats, Fetchables™ biscuits are made from stuff that is good enough for humans to eatùlike organic apples, organic flaxseed, organic carrots, kelp, cranberries, and more! But lucky for me, these treats are formulated especially for me and my health. So treat your dog right! Go fetch some Fetchables™ today.

Product #: 13217
Size: 8oz
Directions: Recommended Daily Dosage: Biscuits Per Day GUARANTEED ANALYSIS For Dogs 1-15 lbs Up to 2. For Dogs 16-30 lbs Up to 4. For Dogs 31-70 lbs Up to 6. For Dogs over 70 lbs Up to 9

Serving Size: 1 ea

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