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Coffee Bean Organic Witches Brew Biodynamic by Jims Organic Coffee is all natural organic bean coffee. Uses only the finest 100% Arabica beans. Has a strong heavy aroma, piquant flavor and a savory aftertaste.
The coffee beans are roasted to coax consistently amazing character out of each batch.

Recommended use
Brewing Great Coffee at Home:
A few basic rules
Buy whole beans and grind them yourself.
Use the right amount of coffee – weighing is best - .38 ounces per 6 ounce cup. If you can’t weigh, use 2 rounded ground tablespoons per 6 ounce cup.
Use good water. Spring or filtered is ideal but cold tap water also does the trick.
Favorite Brew Methods
Favorite Brew Method 1 – French Press. TIPS: Use a coarse grind. Pour water ‘off the boil’ (just to boiling point). Once poured, submerge grindes with a spoon or the screen, and let steep between 3 and 3 ½ minutes before plunging.
Favorite Brew Method 2 – One Cup Melitta Cone. TIPS: Use a fine grind and water ‘off the boil.’ Pour slowly so extraction time is over two minutes.
Favorite Brew Method 3 – Stovetop Espresso. With all the $8,000 espresso machines on the market today, nothing says ‘smart’ more than great stovetop espresso. TIP: Serve over ice or with a twist.
Favorite Brew Method 4 – Vacuum Pot. If you like lighter, more delicate coffees, this is your choice.

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