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Coffee Organic Regular Roast Whole Bean Decaf by Cafe Altura is whole organic coffee beans lightly roasted for hearty smooth, creamy taste. Special harvesting selects ripened cherries washed in rainwater, sun dried, hand sorted, then air-roasted for a rich, smooth taste.
Cafe Altura coffees are organically grown at altitudes above 3000 feet. The coffee tree grows according to its natural cycle, without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Using companion planting, compost and shade trees, the farmers create a balanced, healthy and self-sustaining growing environment that replenishes the topsoil and provides a winter home to many species of migratory birds.

Recommended use
Brewing Great Coffee at Home:
A few basic rules
Buy whole beans and grind them yourself.
Use the right amount of coffee – weighing is best - .38 ounces per 6 ounce cup. If you can’t weigh, use 2 rounded ground tablespoons per 6 ounce cup.
Use good water. Spring or filtered is ideal but cold tap water also does the trick.
Favorite Brew Methods
Favorite Brew Method 1 – French Press. TIPS: Use a coarse grind. Pour water ‘off the boil’ (just to boiling point). Once poured, submerge grindes with a spoon or the screen, and let steep between 3 and 3 ½ minutes before plunging.
Favorite Brew Method 2 – One Cup Melitta Cone. TIPS: Use a fine grind and water ‘off the boil.’ Pour slowly so extraction time is over two minutes.
Favorite Brew Method 3 – Stovetop Espresso. With all the $8,000 espresso machines on the market today, nothing says ‘smart’ more than great stovetop espresso. TIP: Serve over ice or with a twist.
Favorite Brew Method 4 – Vacuum Pot. If you like lighter, more delicate coffees, this is your choice.

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