KAL: Liquid Calcium Magnesium 16 oz. Blueberry Flavor

Liquid Calcium Magnesium - 16 oz. Blueberry Flavor

by   KAL
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Liquid Calcium Magnesium Blueberry

KAL Liquid Calcium and Magnesium is the perfect way to obtain your Calcium and Magnesium in one easy serving with a great new flavor blueberry. KAL’s Liquid Calcium Magnesium is synergistically balanced and pre-acidified. Calcium along with magnesium provides nutritive support for healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D is added to aid in the absorption of minerals.

Liquid Calcium Magnesium features:

Convenient 1 tablespoon daily serving
100% Natural blueberry flavoring
Calcium phosphate, citrate, gluconate and lactate forms for maximum absorption.
KAL’s True Blue Label.

KAL pioneered calcium back in 1932, one of the first brands to manufacture a calcium dietary supplement. KAL brand is one of the few supplement brands today that can claim to have originated when nutrition and supplementation first began to attract public interest. In 1932, Dr. Victor Lindlahr, a nutrition advocate, founded the brand and developed the first KAL product, a calcium phosphorus powder. For over 75 years, innovation has been a driving force behind the growth and development of the KAL brand’s unique products. So give this great new tasting Liquid Calcium Magnesium supplement a try today!

Product #: 39939
Size: 16oz
Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon, 30 Servings per container.

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