PIONEER: Calcium Magnesium 180 caps Vegetarian

Calcium Magnesium - 180 caps Vegetarian

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Vegetarian Cal/Mag Caps
Description: This product contains well-utilized forms of calcium, plus vitamin D, magnesium, silica from horsetail, boron and a full range of trace minerals from natural sea vegetation. Trace minerals, vitamins and many other factors are essential for bone health.

Product #: 41
Size: 180ct
Directions: Use only as directed. Take 6 capsules daily with food. Store in a cool, dry place.

Serving Size: 6  ea    30 Servings per container
Ingredients: Amount per serving: % Daily Value: +
Total Carbohydrate <1 g <1% 
Dietary Fiber <1 g <1% 
Vitamin D-2 (ergocalciferol) 400 IU 100% 
Calcium (2:1:1:1 Krebs Cycle intermediates [citrate, fumarate, malate, succinate, alpha-ketoglutarate]: citrate: malate: carbonate) 1,000 mg 100% 
Magnesium (11:1 oxide: malate) 500 mg 125% 
Trace Mineral Complex (as sea vegetation: Lithothamnion spp.) 250 mg 
Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) Herb Extract (standardized to 4 mg [10%] silica) 40 mg 
Boron (1:1 glycinate complex: citrate complex) 2 mg 
Key to Ingredients:
     ~ = Daily Value not established.
     + = Percent Daily Value is based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
     ? = Values differ depending on age
     ? = Values differ depending on age
Other Ingredients: vegetarian capsule (cellulose), vegetable magnesium stearate and silica.

'Vegetarian Calcium Magnesium 180 caps help provide nutritional support for a healthy bone mass. They also help to provide stable bone heath when used with a multivitaminmineral, daily weight bearing excerise and a healthy food diet rich in leafy greens. This capsule is a great way for teens, young white and asian women to reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life. The nutrients in these capsules are of the highest quality and they contain other vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to function properly. They are easily accessible and affordable, so great bone health is not hard to come by.

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