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Description: Hi! I'm Buddy, a loyal and affectionate dog. For years I listened to Bob, my two-legged pal, talk to his friends about nutrition and natural foods. I thought, “Sure, he gets to eat fresh, natural food, but how come the food I eat tastes worse than his leftovers?™ One day, Bob bought Vegetarian Harvest Fetchables™, a high-quality wholesome dog treat. Bob says the treats are full of antioxidants and vitamins from ingredients such as organic blueberries, organic apples, organic carrots, green and red peppers, cabbage, cranberries, organic alfalfa, oats and more, which keep me feeling young and healthy. I can't decide which flavor I like bestùpeanut butter, fruit & veggie, or cheddar cheese! I'll chase any of them down, if someone throws one my way! So treat your dog right! Go fetch some Fetchables™ today. ActiPet® Vegetarian Harvest Fetchables™ biscuits are the ultimate treats specially formulated with all-natural, vegetarian ingredients to provide antioxidants and optimal health.

Product #: 13219
Size: 8oz
Directions: Recommended Daily Dosage: Biscuits Per Day GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: For Dogs 1-15 lbs Up to 2. For Dogs 16-30 lbs Up to 4. For Dogs 31-70 lbs Up to 6. For Dogs over 70 lbs Up to 9.

Serving Size: 1 ea

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