Woodland publishing: Fibromyalgia Nutrition Guide 160 pgs

Fibromyalgia Nutrition Guide - 160 pgs

by   Woodland publishing
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The Fibromyalgia Nutrition Guide: Using Nutrition and Other
Lifestyle Factors to Overcome Fibromyalgia ISBN
1580540538 Pages: 160 Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Format:
Paperback Published: 12/01/00 You have fibromyalgia,
and you know that what you eat can have a significant effect on
how you feel. The Fibromyalgia Nutrition Guide combines the
firsthand experience of Mary Moeller with the expertise and
research of Dr. Joe Elrod to provide a fantastic compilation of
standards and suggestions concerning diet, as well as a
comprehensive variety of healthy and

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