Woodland publishing: Calcium & Magnesium (WHS) 32 pgs

Calcium & Magnesium (WHS) - 32 pgs

by   Woodland publishing
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Calcium & Magnesium By Lisa Johnson ISBN 1580540759
Pages: 30 Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Format: Paperback Published:
12/01/00 Protect your bones and heart with Calcium &
Magenesium. It's no secret that our bodies need calcium.
However, more and more reseasrch points to the fact that we need
both calcium and magnesium in combination for maintaining our
bones, teeth, muscles and cardiovascular system. This booklet
provides an excellent overview of why the effectiveness of each
of these minerals depends on the other, and the roles they play
in various body process and functions. This booklet also covers
recommended dosages, safety and proper use.

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