Woodland publishing: Flower Essences 37 pgs Book

Flower Essences - 37 pgs Book

by   Woodland publishing
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  • by Rhonda PallasDowney
  • Discover the Healing Powers of Flowers
  • Visualization, Meditation, & Chakra Healing
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Flower Essences by Woodland Publishing

Flowers and plants can help you connect with yourself. As you bond with a flower, the experience may help you uncover your true nature, opening a gateway to inner beauty, happiness, love and well-being. As you invite the wisdom of a flower into your life, the plant’s spirit will guide you through its own essence and show you how to reach the core essence of your being.

“Flower essences are catalysts for self-awareness. They grant us a deeper perspective on who we are and who we are becoming. They contain a sacred plant energy that can balance human discord, reestablishing the link between body and soul, nature and spirit. They connect us with our divine nature and teach us to live life at its fullest.”

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