Woodland Publishing: 20 Essential Supps. 4th Ed 228 pgs

20 Essential Supps. 4th Ed - 228 pgs

by   Woodland Publishing
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  • Know about the 20 essential supplements
  • Know the right supplement to take over the thousands of available supplement
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Woodland Publishing 20 Essential Supps. 4th Ed 228 pages

Frustrated by the prospect of figuring out which of the thousands of available supplements to take? Confused by the barrage of conflicting advice and overhyped claims? Don't want to take a dozen pills every day? This book is for you!Focusing on both tried-and-true supplements and exciting newcomers, this invaluable guide contains all you need to know about 20 essential supplements with the most promise for the average individual--from herbal supplements to vitamins, minerals and more. These are supplements with a wide range of health benefits, from supporting general well-being to preventing heart disease and cancer, with the power of modern science to back them up. Don't agonize over which supplements to use to maintain good health--this completely revised and updated reference tells you which are worth your time.Discover the proven health benefits of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, CoQ10, natural sweeteners, resveratrol, vitamin D, probiotics and more!

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