Natural Balance: Avena Sativa (Wild Oats) 2oz

Avena Sativa (Wild Oats) - 2oz

by   Natural Balance
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  • Can restore your libido
  • Enables you to handle the stresses of everyday living
  • Helps your brain and nervous system to relax
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Avena Sativa (Wild Oats) by Action Labs

Avena sativa is simply common oats, the same oats you take as oatmeal in porridge or feed your horse with. In carrying out tests on its health benefits, it has been discovered that avena sativa helps your brain and nervous system to relax and enables you to handle the stresses of everyday living. This form of stress and tiredness can often affect sexual desire in women and ability in men, and in this respect, avena sativa increases erectile strength, tactile sensation and physical energy.

It also offers a high dose of minerals, particularly magnesium, and also vitamin B5 and folate. When taken for its aphrodisiac properties, avena sativa is free from the potential hazards of chemical erectile enhancers. Horses fed on oats tend to become active and frisky, and the same can happen with men, while women tend to become more relaxed and receptive.

If you feel tired and run down, and perhaps stressed and unable to perform sexually, then a supplement of avena sativa might be the answer. Avena sativa is no more than ordinary oats, and it acts by enabling your brain and nervous system to cope better with everyday stresses and tiredness. When you feel weary and maybe slightly depressed after a long tiring day, avena sativa can perk you up with an energy boost and help you handle the stresses and strains of life a lot more effectively.

It can restore your libido after a hard day at work, and can also help women to relax better. Oats are also believed to help women overcome the stress of heavy menstruation, and to make up for the deficiency in magnesium that prolonged heavy bleeding can lead to. Avena sativa is magnesium rich, and also contains folate, essential for pregnant women in preventing neural tube disorders such as spinal bifida. It should not, however, be used as the sole source of folate or folic acid in the diet.

For maximum results, take 1 ml (approx. 1 dropper full) per day. Do not exceed one full dropper. Shake well before using.
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