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Aromatherapy in the Kitchen - 160 pgs

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Aromatherapy in the Kitchen By Melissa Dale , Emmanuelle
Lipsky ISBN 1-58054-348-0 Pages: 159 Size: 8 x
10 Format: Paperback Published: 05/15/02 The
centuries-old practice of aromatherapy invokes the healing
powers of the natural essences that exist in plants and flowers.
In recent years, it has enjoyed a popular resurgence.
Aromatherapy has entered our lives through the use of essential
oil diffusers, scented candles, and cosmetic soaps, to name but
a few. This book brings the benefits of aromatherapy into
another area of our daily living in the kitchen! By integrating
the use of plants and flowers in our everyday cooking, we can
benefit from the same essential oils and their therapeutic
effects found in the more traditional applications of
aromatherapy. In addition, you will discover ways of
incorporating herbs and flowers not only into your cooking, but
also in the creation of a desired mood for your entire dining
experience. Whether you enjoy entertaining on a large scale, or
prefer setting the stage for a romantic dinner for two, this
book will guide you in creating the perfect ambiance with a
little help from the principles of aromatherapy.

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