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The Noni Revolution By Rita Elkins, M.H. ISBN 1580543499
Pages: 174 Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Format: Paperback Published:
12/01/02 What is noni and what does it do? Found across
the world in tropical areas like Polynesia and Hawaii, the noni
plant has been used for thousands of years by numerous cultures
to treat everything from infected wounds to arthritis to heart
problems. And now, modern science has begun to validate noni's
healing abilities. The result? Noni has fast become one of
today's most popular health supplements, with dozens of
different companies that manufacture and market noni products.
The bottom line--noni has started its own revolution in today's
health world. Read inside about this tropical health wonder that
has rightfully earned its place as a megastar among dietary

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