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Power Plants By Byron Murray, Ph.D. , Kim O'Neill, Ph.D.
ISBN 1-58054-351-0 Pages: 416 Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Format:
Paperback Published: 06/15/02 Did you know that 30 to
40 percent of all cancers may be prevented with a diet rich in
fruit and vegetables? That's according to landmark research from
renowned cancer researchers Kim O'Neill, Ph.D., and Byron
Murray, Ph.D. The culmination of fifty years of study in the
field, Power Plants offers comprehensive, scientific proof of
the remarkable benefits of a diet rich in a variety of fruits,
vegetables, and whole foods. This invaluable guide combines the
most current scientific knowledge on plant nutrition with a
practical plan for beginning a delicious yet healthy diet based
on Nature's own wholesome foods. This book also includes
convenient and easy-to-understand tables containing the latest
nutrient profiles of many healthy foods. Power Plants is a
priceless tool for anyone interested in reaching a new level of
health and vigor.

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