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The Good Digestion Guide - 414 pgs

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The Good Digestion Guide By Mike Fillon ISBN
1-58054-364-2 Pages: 414 Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Format:
Paperback Published: 01/15/05 Most books on
gastrointestinal health focus on one illness--acid reflux,
ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome--and treat the many parts of
the GI tract as separate, unattached organs. Not this book! Any
GI health expert or physician will tell you that people
suffering from one GI illness almost always have at least one
other GI problem. The Good Digestion Guide does exactly what
it says it will. It takes you from the beginning of the GI tract
all the way to its "end." Along the way, author Mike Fillon
teaches you all you need to know about each part of your GI
tract, including those parts you may not have thought too
important. Fillon draws on his years of experience as an
accomplished medical writer, offering information on and options
for every major gastrointestinal ailment known to modern
medicine. Certain symptoms mean certain things, and sometimes
one symptom could result from several different conditions. The
only way to lasting digestive health and happiness is to ensure
that every last part of the GI tract is working the way it
should. The Good Digestion Guide is the only book that can take
you in and lead you all the way through to complete
gastrointestinal regularity.

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