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Ephedra Fact and Fiction By Mike Fillon ISBN
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Paperback Published: 11/01/03 The Truth about Ephedra
If you've listened to the news or read the newspaper lately,
you've likely heard something related to supposed dangers of
ephedra. Maybe that this football player or that baseball player
collapsed, had a serious reaction, or even died from taking an
ephedra supplement. That seems to be the consensusthat ephedra
can literally kill you. But is ephedra "killer" herb? Does it
really cause heart attacks, strokes, seizures, or the other
serious effects that are commonly reported in the media. The
answers will likely surprise you. In Ephedra Fact and Fiction,
author Mike Fillon covers the real story behind the ephedra
controversy. Investigating every avenue, from behind-the-scene
deals between lawmakers and pharmaceutical companies to an
unwitting media's perpetuation of misinformation created by
front PR firms, to the blatant dismissal of legitimate research
supporting ephedra's safety, this book turns the entire ephedra
firestorm on its head. More compelling is Fillon's discovery
that this scenario is not simply about ephedrarather, it is the
entire supplement industry, the legislation that governs it, and
the availability of even the most common nutritional supplements
that are the real targets. "Fascinating . . . a classic
example of how misinformation stemming from various special
interest groups and broadcasts by the media can cause a
political and legal firestorm regarding a
supplement." Richard B. Kreider, Ph.D. Baylor University

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