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The Detox Manual By Suzannah Olivier ISBN 1-58054-383-5
Pages: 197 Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Format: Paperback Published:
08/01/04 Do you suffer from cellulite, headaches,
rashes, fatigue, bad breath, nonarthritic joint aches or nausea?
Beat them by following The Detox Manual. Every day we are
bombarded with toxins--in fact, if our tissue samples were
analyzed they would show 250-400 different toxic substances
stored in our cells. There are two ways of dealing with toxic
overload. The first is avoidance, but this is only practical up
to a point. Most of us cannot go live on a desert island. The
option is adjusting your diet to improve your own detoxification
mechanisms. By ridding your body of as many toxins as possible,
you can maximize your health and reduce the incidence of serious
health problems.

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