Woodland publishing: 100 & Healthy Living Longerwith Phytomedicines 304 pgs

100 & Healthy Living Longerwith Phytomedicines - 304 pgs

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Paperback Published: 09/15/04 Before its takeover by
Soviet agriculture and Western lifestyle, the republic of
Georgia was well known for its population of healthy
centenarians. The Georgian longevity paradox was a phenomenon
that attracted and mystified researchers for decades. Now, the
exciting facts about Georgian longevity are finally revealed in
100 & Healthy. Using modern research methods, author Shaffer Fox
thoroughly examines the traditional Georgian lifestyle, as well
as the unique and powerful plant medicines that protected the
Georgians from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis,
cancer, brain degenerative disorders, depression, and obesity,
among many others. 100 & Healthy provides a detailed and
life-changing description of the Georgian art of living a
longer, healthier and more youthful life.

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