Woodland Publishing: Liver Health WHS 32

Liver Health WHS - 32

by   Woodland Publishing
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  • A Natural Approach To Good Liver Health
  • By: Martin Stone, M.H.
  • Discusses How The Liver Functions And Why Doing Periodic Liver Cleanses Is So Important To Good Health

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Liver Health: A Natural Approach (Woodland Health)
An organ that many of us take for granted-the liver-is of critical importance to good health. Constantly performing thousands of functions, including detoxifying pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, and environmental and cellular toxins, as well as regulating metabolism, the liver can suffer from a lack of attention. In this booklet, master herbalist Martin Stone discusses how the liver functions and why doing periodic liver cleanses is so important to good health. Stone introduces numerous herbs and natural compounds that you can use to cleanse your liver and reap the greatest benefits of your body's master cleansing organ.

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