Woodland Publishing: Influenza Epidemics Pandemics and Bird Flu 42 pages

Influenza Epidemics Pandemics and Bird Flu - 42 pages

by   Woodland Publishing
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Woodland Publishing Influenza Epidemics Pandemics and Bird Flu is essential and timely booklet on influenza and Bird Flu (H5N1), noted naturopathic physician Jane Sample clears the myths and dispels the confusion about how influenza viruses are transmitted, what conditions lead to epidemics and pandemics, and what exactly Bird Flue (H5N1) is. Semple notes that the Influenza Pandemic of 1918 killed over 100 million people, and she implores us to prepare and protect ourselves from all forms of influenza. Everything from maintaining optimal health; using herbs, vitamins and minerals; greens; juices; and working with a naturopathic practitioner can help strengthen your immune system, avoid contact with viruses and keep influenza out of your life.

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