Woodland Publishing: The Natural Guide to Managing Pre-Diabetes 48 pgs

The Natural Guide to Managing Pre-Diabetes - 48 pgs

by   Woodland Publishing
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  • Outlines proper diet, exercise, right herbs and supplements to avoid diabetes.
  • Provides essential information on how to avoid being diagnosed with diabetes.
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Woodland Publishing The Natural Guide to Managing Pre-Diabetes 48 Pages

Are you concerned that you may be diagnosed with diabetes? Does diabetes run in your family? Are you overweight? Do you have high blood pressure? Do you have high LDL cholesterol and low HDL cholesterol levels? Does your blood glucose level tend to be in the high-normal range? Have you had gestational diabetes? If you can answer yes to any two of these questions then you may have pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or Syndrome X three terms that signify you as a good candidate to be diagnosed with diabetes at some point. In this booklet, Martin Stone outlines the things you can do now such as eating a proper diet, getting adequate exercise, and taking the right herbs and nutritional supplements to avoid the sixth most common cause of death in the United States.

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