Woodland Publishing: Acai Berry 32 pgs

Acai Berry - 32 pgs

by   Woodland Publishing
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  • Helps reduce inflammation, prevent cancer and protect the brain.
  • Provides valuable information on the amazing health benefits of acai berry.
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Woodland Publishing Acai Berry 32 Pages

Goji berry (also called wolfberry, gou qi, zi, red diamaon, desert thorn, the Duke of Argyle's tea plant, or Lycium barbarum) is a sweet fruit that has proven itself to be powerful against disease. Goji berry is an ancient Chinese fruit that looks like a red raisin and contains high levels of the health-promoting antioxidant (free-radical fighter) zeaxanthin. Free radicals are molecules with an unpaired electron that are constantly in search of molecules in our bodies to bond with, resulting in DNA damage and a cascade of deleterious reactions that can lead to cancer and heart disease, making us sicker, weaker, and more vulnerable. Goji berry's antioxidants act as search-and-destroy missiles against oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

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