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Pyruvate Phenomenon - 88 pgs

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The Pyruvate Phenomenon By David ProKop ISBN 1885670796
Pages: 88 Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Format: Paperback Published:
12/01/00 Imagine a naturally occurring substance already
found in our bodies and in our diet, that, when consumed as a
supplement, can provide an impressive array of health benefits.
The substance? Pyruvate. Having only recently been given public
attention, pyruvate has the natural health world buzzing because
of its significant body of research and its potential
therapeutic properties. Years of study show that the supplement
possesses a formidable list of potential capabilities: it has
shown most promise in encouraging weight loss, enhancing
endurance and energy, reducing cholesterol and acting as an
antioxidant. Dealing with the history behing the pyruvate
research to the real-life results of the supplement's use,
author David Prokop provides the vital details and information
that make up the pyruvate story.

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