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Healing Energies By Steven Paul Shepard ISBN
0-913923-46-X Pages: 142 Size: 5 x 8 Format:
Paperback Published: 05/15/81 Within man there is a
complex electrical system headed by a supercomputer greater than
any IBM or Macintosh, with each cell being a micro
transformer/capacitor and even a rudimentary memory chip.
Conversion from sensory to electrical to chemical is in itself
amazing, but the communication of the organism as a whole, it
its relationship to its environment, is even more so. Dr.
Shepard had done an excellent job of exploring an area of the
body's energy system. This book describes a method of surface
magnetic exploration that allows a nontechnically trained person
to gain information about his health needs or those of his
family. It does not represent all aspects of the life force or
the varied potential energy systems involved in man, but merely
that portion dealing with certain reflexes that appear to work
magnetically and allow the computer within man to provide the
necessary information.

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