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Keep Going With Rose Hip Tea

Busy mothers can have a hard time of it, trying to look after the little ones while also doing the 101 other chores that have to be attended to around the house. Then after a hard day, they have to be sympathetic to their husband or partner as they listen to their hard day at the office! It's not easy to deal with all that stress during an exhausting day and then look after the dinner, followed closely by bedtime for the kids and even then you might not be able to relax by yourself - even just for a minute or two.

Rose hip tea is ideal for you, and you can take it during the day, in the evening or at bedtime to soothe your nerves and relieve exhaustion. If you feel things are getting on top of you, a cup of rose hip tea will relax you - you will practically feel your nervous tension floating away, as your mind and body begin to relax. It also helps look after your digestive system that can suffer when you are tense and under stress.

Rose hip tea is particularly beneficial to you during menstruation, when its high iron content makes it easier for your body to replace the blood loss. It also gives your immune system a boost, so you can shrug off colds and minor infections and get on with your daily chores. If you have these days when things seem to be getting on top of you, rose hip tea is ideal: it relaxes you, reduces stress and keeps you on top of everything till you are able to finally sit down and relax.

Rose Hips (Rosa canina), the fruit of the rose after the flower
has bloomed and the petals have fallen, are native to Europe and
North America. Rose Hips were once reffered to as the "Food of
the Gods" by the ancient Greeks and used for their varied health
benefits. During World War II, when faced with a serious
shortage of fresh fruits and the subsequent shortage of vitamin
C, the governments of Englan, Sweden and Norway began looking to
botanicals as a source for Vitamin C. After testing, they
discovered that Rose Hips contained an astonishing amount of
Vitamin C. Because of their abundance , they were used in
teas, soups, purees, etc. Rose Hips are still used today as a
favorite nutitious food, often brewed into a delicate, fruity

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