UPC: 603974002232
# AI0036

~Made from oatmeal, cucumber, and jojoba oil to soothe and shine
~Contains many organic products to insure healthy skin and coat. Some examples are Neem, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Yucca.
~Naturally soothes insect bites and repels insects.

Biodegradable Coconut Derived Surfactants, oatmeal, neem oil, vitamin E, aloe vera, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, yucca extract, chamomile extract, tea tree oil, lavender, and potassium sorbate (preservative). *

* Contains no SLS, DEA, TEA, Alcohol, Pesticides, Phosphates, Detergents or Dyes.

Apply directly to wet coat of pet and shampoo entire body and legs. Let sit for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if needed.

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