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Circulation Plus Get the blood flowing again with this
powerful blend of odorless garlic, lecithin, onion, ginseng,
cayenne and ginkgo biloba. C IRCULATION PLUS is a
special formulation designed specifically for
the cardiovascular or circulatory system. It combines
odorcontrolled garlic and onion with soya lecithin (a natural
fat emuls i f ier ) and bioflavonoids (to strengthen
capillaries) with a variety of other beneficial herbs. These
include cayenne and ginseng for their mild stimulating
effects, hawthorn berry as a cardiac tonic, and ginkgo biloba
for its ability to dilate blood vessels and promote
circulation. Noted as a vasodilator and for its ability
to reduce blood cholesterol levels, garlic has long been known
to benefit hypertension and improve circulation. It also
seemingly has the ability to chip away at the plaque that
adheres to the arterial wall. This plaque is made up of fatty
deposits and calcium and it restricts blood flow as it builds
up and increases blood pressure, much like pinching a garden
hose decreases water flow and builds up back pressure. The
soya lecithin can prevent fats from accumulating in the liver
and also promotes the movement of fats and blood
cholesterol. Fats are processed in the liver, but they must be
in the form of HDLs (high density lipoproteins ) to be easily
transported and processed. Garlic and lecithin assist your
body in the production of the beneficial HDLs and reduces the
levels of LDLs or “bad fats” in your body. Lecithin is also
rich in Phosphoric acid, choline and inositol, all of which
are abundant in the body and have added benefit to the brain
and nerves. Onion is also a strong medicine. The antibacterial
properties were first described by Louis Pasteur, and its
benefits to the blood have been detailed in dozens of studies.
Onion has many healthful sulfur compounds along with
adenosine, prostaglandin A and a bacteriostatic lachrymatory
factor. This lachrymatory factor is what makes you cry when
you cut an onion, but inside your body it becomes strong
medicine. In combination with the herbs and nutrients in
Circulation Plus, onion can affect the circulation
and fibrinolytic activity of blood, prompting the flow of
blood to the extremities. By slowing the coagulation of blood
and reducing cholesterol levels, blood pressure can be
regulated and blood flow can be improved. The added benefit of
stronger arteries and veins helps get the blood where it is
needed. If cold or numb fingers and toes cause you discomfort
or poor circulation is putting undue strain on your
cardiovascular system, Circulation Plus may be for you.*

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