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In Ayurveda, Shatavari is traditionally used by women for
overall health and vitality, to promote lactation, and as an
aphrodisiac. In Sanskrit, the word Shatavari means ‘She who
possesses 100 husbands’. Traditional Ayurvedic herb for
women* The Science of Shatavari Recent research supports the
traditional classification of Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) as
a Rasayana, a dietary supplement or practice promoting
rejuvenation, mental and physical health, as well as providing a
defense against premature aging and challenging environmental
factors. Shatavari has the general ability to promote normal
physical functions and counteract the adverse effects of stress.
In eight different stress tests, Shatavari produced significant
anti-stress and immuno-stimulant effects.1 Studies have also
shown that Shatavari increases the quantity of breast milk2 and
possesses liver-protectant activity.3 Directions Take 2
(500 mg) capsules, twice a day. For long-term rejuvenation, take
1 capsule, one to two times per day or as directed by your
health care practitioner. Not to be taken during pregnancy
or by individuals avoiding estrogen-increasing substances. Keep
out of reach of children. Dosha Guide In Ayurveda
there are seven basic body constitutions resulting from the
predominance of one or more energetic influences or Doshas. The
Doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, influence physical, mental and
spiritual health. Everyone is considered to be a unique
combination of these three body influences. Your natural Doshic
state of balance is called Prakruti. In traditional use,
Shatavari’s cooling properties control disturbances in Vata and
Pitta body constitutions. Care for the Environment
As a manufacturer, our actions can have a large impact on the
environment. We always look for the most earth-friendly,
sustainable choice. Ayurceutics Shatavari
features: Vegetarian tablets with no animal-derived
ingredients Sustainably wildcrafted roots Extraction using
only pure water, not toxic solvents Organic cotton
stuffing Bottles that are easily recyclable #2 plastic, HDPE
Guide to Being Well - For Women Exercise
regularly. Practice Yoga. Many of the postures of Hatha Yoga
tone the female reproductive system. Eat a balanced diet that
includes fruits and vegetables. Enjoy responsible sexual
relations to reduce stress and keep the reproductive system
healthy. References 1. Rege NN, et al. Phytotherapy
Research 1999;13:275-291. 2. Joglekar GV, et al. Indian Medical
Journal 1967;61:165. 3. Muruganandan S, et al. Journal of
Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Sciences

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