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DermaSilk targets the primary cause of why mature facial skin
loses elasticity. Not only does DermaSilk 5 Minute Face Lift
provide collagen and elastin that begin to greatly decline after
the age of 40, it also restores the skin renewal process by
stimulating the germinal cells. The result is a healthier
appearance of the skin with more thickness, luminous color,
silky smooth texture, and increased skin tension. DermaSilk
helps strengthen all skin layers resulting in a ¡°Natural¡± Face
Lift. From the moment you put on 5 Minute Face Lift Tightening
Serum you will experience something you have never felt before.
Within seconds you will feel your skin tightening and firming.
Small wrinkles will vanish and your skin will feel refreshed.
Enjoy this moment knowing you are doing something wonderful for
your skin. Ingredients: Allantoin, Protein
Peptides,Glycolic Acid,Vitamins A,C &E ,Natural Antibiotic
Peptides, Collagen & Elastin How to use:For best results,
apply to thoroughly cleaned, dry skin. With your fingertips,
apply a thin layer of DermaSilk where a lift is desired.
DermaSilk can be applied to the face, neck, under the eye, and
décolletage. For maximum benefit, use DermaSilk morning and
evening. Apply before your night cream or daily moisturizer with
SPF. Results improve with continuous use.

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