UPC: 718334220963
# DE0141

Aroma Essence Dry By Nature Deodorant (#3227 - 2.75 oz./75
mL) Is an all-natural deodorant with wetness inhibitors and
odor neutralizers including lichen, sodium borate and camomile.
The calming and centering effect of camomile and calendula give
you a clean, fresh-feeling scent all day.

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Review of Dry By Nature Clear Deodorant Stick - DESERT ESSENCE Product DE0141
Reviewed by Ayla
Friday, January 21, 2011

Rating: 4/5

This product is a great deal for the price. The ingredients have a very low scent and are appropriate for either gender. It is a great substitute if you are trying to avoid metals found in other deodorants. It does, however; contain parabens that may not be wanted for some people. It can soothe heat rash or razor burn. (I tried applying it to my legs for this purpose and it worked quite well!) For being a natural product, I was surprised that it was so reliable for use as an antiperspirant. It applies smoothly and is not messy even after hours of wear. I am considering switching completely to this brand.

Ayla ,