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Begin your firming facial skin care routine with this
nourishing, silky cleanser suitable for all skin types. Widely
acclaimed DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and C-Ester are combined with
botanical extracts to remove make-up and impurities and restore
the skin's smooth texture. Leaves skin satiny clean and ready to
fully receive the full benefits of derma e's® DMAE firming toner
and moisturizing crème. Gravity-defying DMAE reduces facial
sag and firms skin. Researchers report that it has improved skin
hydration and tone, lip shape and fullness, and reduced the
appearance of lines and wrinkles. Alpha Lipoic Acid, the
universal antioxidant, protects both water and fat soluble cell
structures from free radical damage, while C-Ester stimulates
the production of collagen, essential for skin tone and
elasticity. Enriched with additional vitamins and botanicals to
nourish and hydrate your skin, derma e's complete line of DMAE
products is formulated to improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles.

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