DEVITA INTERNATIONAL Inc: Italian Tomato Leaf Mud Masque-Tube 3 oz

Italian Tomato Leaf Mud Masque-Tube - 3 oz

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  • all natural anti-aging formula
  • May help detoxification
  • May help skin problems
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DEVITA INTERNATIONAL Inc Italian Tomato Leaf Mud Masque-Tube is an intense detoxifying and cleansing mask designed to purge impurities from the skin and bring increased circulation to the surface of the skin.
DEVITA INTERNATIONAL Inc Italian Tomato Leaf Mud Masque-Tube is made with 3 different types of clay and muds for facial detoxification.

Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Chamomile Extract, Montmorillonite, Bentonite, Kaolin, Allantoin (from comfrey root), Italian Tomato Leaf Essential Oil, and Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Suggested Use
After cleansing, apply a thin layer to face avoiding eye area. Relax and allow to dry approximately 5-10 minutes. If skin is extremely oily, leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Follow with toner, desired treatment and moisturizer. Recommended for all skin types as a weekly treatment, or twice weekly for those with oily skin or acne.

As this is an active mask, skin may tingle as intensive drawing action begins to work. As all the impurities are being drawn to the surface, circulation is increased and blood is being drawn to the surface. You may find after rinsing off the mask that your skin is a little red due to the increase in circulation whereby blood has been drawn to the skin’s surface. This is completely natural. This goes away within a short period of time as blood flow settles down.
Keep away from eyes.

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