UPC: 827912008685
# EL0003

This product contains: * Antioxidants which are needed for
healthy aging. * Superfoods for high contents of
nutrients. * Enzymes and Probiotics that help your body
absorb nutirents and balance flora in the intestinal tract.
* Fiber to help eliminate toxins * Herbs to detoxify and
enhance the bodies ability to get rid of toxins in the kidney
and liver. * Lecithin for capillary flexibility and the
neurotransmitters. * Immune enhancers * Herbs that
keep glucose levels, adrenal levels and hormonal levels at
balance. * Energizing herbs * Herbs that increase the
absorption of minerals such as Silica, Calcium, Magnesium,
Zinc, Chromium, etc. ~~This product contains no wheat, beans,
yeast, spinach, fructose~~ How to use: Mix one tablespoon of
this great-tasting drink with 6-12 ounces of pure water, or add
to your favorite protein shake Ingredients: Supplemental
Facts: % of DV Calories 39 Calories from Fat 8.29 Fat 1
gm Sugar 3 gm Carbohydrate 6 gm Dietary Fiber 1.7 gm Protein
1 gm Sodium 11.56 mg .48% Potassium 84 mg 2.41% Calcium 39 mg
3.84% Silicon 54 mg Vitamin A 160 IU 3.2% Vitamin C (natural)
371 mg 619% Vitamin E(natural) 97 IU 323% Nutrient Dense
Superfoods 2880 mg Barley Grass Juice Powder, Certified Organic
Beet Juice Powder, Organic Carrot Juice Powder, Chlorella -
Cracked Cell, Parsley Juice Powder, Spirulina Powder, Watercress
Juice Powder Antioxidant Blend (ORAC value=3,083) 2675
mg Acerola Berry Juice Powder, Bioflavinoids (Citrus),
Blueberry Powder, Grape Seed Extract - 92%, Green Tea Catechins
- 60%, Orange Juice Powder, Pineapple Juice Powder, Red
Raspberry Powder,Turmeric Powder, Vitamin C - Natural Rose Hips,
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol), Dandelion,Aloe Vera - Freeze
Dried, Spearmint Pow R Fiber 790 mg Apple Fiber, Apple
Pectin, Flax Seed Meal - Certified Organic,Rice Bran
Powder Energizing Cellular Support 1695 mg Bamboo,
Cinnamon,Gingko Biloba - 24%, Horsetail, Lecithin Powder - 99%
oil free,Siberian Ginseng - Eleutherococcus, Suma,
Stevia Immune Support Non-Dairy Probiotic Culture - 8.5
Billion 700 mg Proprietary blend: 710 mg Astragalus
Membranaceous, Damiana, Ginger Powder, Silymarin SilibumMarianum
- 80%, Nova Scotia Dulse, Royal Jelly 5% 10-HAD, Plant Enzymes:
Lipase, Protease, Amylase & Cellulase

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