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# GV0004

Conditioner Smooth As Silk 8.5 oz by Giovanni Cosmetics. Silk.
It has the most incredible feel, the most incredible texture. It
makes you feel sexy. Desirable. Smooth As Silk Conditioner makes
your hair feel so smooth, so silky, so amazingly detangled. It
works only where needed to create a silky-smooth palette that’s
repaired, renewed and ready for your own unique kind of style.
Smooth As Silk provides smooth moves indeed. Creates
silky-smooth texture Protects hair color and controls split ends
Adds volume, shine and an incredible feel DIRECTIONS: Apply a
moderate amount to clean wet hair and massage through to the
ends. Rinse and style.

ngredients: Infusion of Rosemary Extract (and) Nettles Extract
(and) Thyme Extract (and) Birch Leaf Extract (and) Chamomile
Extract (and) Sage Extract (and) St. John's Wort Extract (and)
Coltsfoot Extract (and) Yarrow Extract (and) Mallow Extract
(and) Horsetail Extract (and) Red Clover Extract, (and)
Peppermint Extract (and) Spearmint Extract, (and) Grapefruit
Seed Extract, Pro vitamin B1, Safflower Oil, Olive Oil, Soy,
Mineral Trace Elements, DL Panthenol, Cinnamate.

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