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i-Sabi Superfood Powder - 60 capsule

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  • Provides strong antioxidant support
  • Stimulates Enzymes for Powerful Liver Detox
  • Support your immune system
  • With 6-HITC
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i-Sabi Superfood Powder by Health Logics

Wasabi is widely known for its use as an accompanying condiment with sushi. It is used to add sharp flavor and spice to traditional Japanese dishes which is why it is universally associated with Japanese cuisines by most sushi lovers. What most sushi lovers along with the general population aren't aware of is the many health benefits that pure Wasabi possesses. Now recognized for more than a flavorful and spicy condiment Wasabi has been shown to support your immune system detoxify and maintain healthy liver function and provide strong antioxidant support.

i-Sabi is a premium dietary supplement containing pure Wasabi Japonica. i-Sabi provides a full spectrum of potent isothiocyanates that not only give Wasabi its unique flavor but also provides serious health benefits such as inhibiting the negative effects from exposure to toxins and pollutants like alcohol tobacco and excessive UV rays.

To Detox or Not? Everyday we are consistently being exposed to enormous amounts of toxins. Toxins are all around us; in the air we breathe the water we drink and the foods we consume. Whether you drink a cup of coffee dry clean your clothes use hair care products to style your hair; toxins are more than just smoking cigarettes drinking alcohol or having excessive amount of sun exposure. Making matters worse your body has an innate ability for toxins to build up in your body and integrate themselves among millions and even billions of your cells which contribute to common ailments such as headaches lethargy pain and fatigue. Unfortunately toxins are part of our daily life and if not addressed can lead to acute and chronic health problems.

The liver is the largest internal organ of the body and is the premier detoxification site. The liver performs different functions such as absorbing and converting certain nutrients responsible for important activities such as metabolism energy and the crucial role of filtering toxins. A healthy liver is essential to good health.

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