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# HY0186

Hyland's Arnica Ointment Hyland's Arnica Ointment is a topical
preparation for the treatment of bruises and muscle soreness due
to falls, blows and strains. The ointment is perfect for rubbing
into sore muscles after overexertion. Arnica Montana is well
known for easing the symptoms of bruising and muscle soreness.
Arnica Ointment is great for muscle soreness, rheumatic pains
and stiffness, sprains, bites, stings, sore cuticles and
chapping, but shouldn't be used on broken skin. Indications
for Use: For the temporary symptomatic relief of muscle aches
and pains due to overexertion and minor bruises from falls and
strains. Formula: Arnica Montana 1X HPUS in a base of
petrolatum. Available in the following sizes: 1 ounce
tube 3 1/2 ounce jar 12 1/2 ounce jar

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