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# HY0213

Hyland's Complete Flu Care For those who can't afford to be
sick, new Hyland's Complete Flu Care is the answer for fast
relief. Its two-phase action makes Hyland's Complete Flu Care a
versatile solution to share with consumers looking to head off
the flu early, or to relieve the nasty symptoms after the flu
has set in. Unlike other over-the-counter alternatives,
Hyland's Complete Flu Care is safe for the entire family,
aspirin-free and works without side effects. Don't get caught
off guard this flu season. Stock your medicine cabinet with
Hyland's Complete Flu Care today! Indications for Use: For
non-drowsy relief of fever and chills, body aches, headache,
cough and congestion. Formula: Eupatorium Perfoliatum 3X
- relieves body aches, headaches with pressure in eyes
Bryonia Alba 3X- relieves body aches, made better by wrapping
up, sitting still Gelsemium Sempervirens 3X - relieves
headache with pressure and feeling of band around head
Euphrasia Officinalis 3X - for runny nose, cough, fever, chills
Kali Iodatum 3X - relieves headache, runny nose, fever Anas
Barbariae Hepatis Et Cordis Extractum 200c - relieves early
onset flu symptoms

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