HYLANDS: Ledum Palustre 30C 2 dram

Ledum Palustre 30C - 2 dram

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Ledum Palustre 30c 2 Dram from Hylands Ledum (Marsh Tea) is a
homeopathic remedy indicated for gout and articular rheumatism,
dislocations, sprains, lameness, stab & bite wounds, whooping
cough and other inflammations of the respiratory organs, dermal
& mucousal heamorrhages, and stings from insects. Ledum
(Marsh Tea) is the standard single remedy from P & S
laboratories (Hylands) for gout and articular rheumatism. This
product carries the standard homeopathic label (Not Hyland)
Suggested Use: Dissolve 3-6 pellets under tongue 3-4 times a
day, repeat as required or as directed by a licensed
practitioner. Children half adult dose. To be used according to
label indications, standard homeopathic indications, or as
directed by a licensed practitioner.

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