CITRUS-MATE: Mate Mist Mini Lemon 0.5 oz

Mate Mist Mini Lemon - 0.5 oz

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  • Air Freshener & Fragrance
  • All Natural
  • Concentrated Essence of Lemon
  • Non-Aerosol
UPC: 097423520055
# IR0002

CITRUS-MATE Mate Mist Mini Lemon 0.5 oz

Product Description
CITRUS-MATE Mate Mist Mini Lemon is a natural air freshener to eliminate odor naturally. Freshens the room without any unpleasant chemical odor. Long lasting odor. In lemon scent. Rejuvenates and energize a room. Eco friendly and recyclable package.

Pure, Natural Lemon Oils and Concentrated Lemon Essence, taken from fresh, Naturally Grown Lemon

Suggested Use
Spray as needed for air freshness

Always direct spray away from face and into the middle of room. Never spray on plastics or painted surfaces such as toilet seats or acrylics due to the corrosive nature of citrus.

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