CITRUS-MATE: Mate Mist Non-Aerosol Orange 7 oz

Mate Mist Non-Aerosol Orange - 7 oz

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  • Biodegradable citrus ingredients
  • Concentrated Essence of Orange
  • Works faster and lasts longer
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CITRUS-MATE Mate Mist Non-Aerosol Orange 7 oz

Product Description
CITRUS-MATE Mate Mist Non-Aerosol Orange eliminates unwanted odors naturally without man-made chemicals. This recyclable aluminum bottle sprays naturally without fluorocarbons or propellants of any kind and it contains pure natural product extracted from fresh, mature, wholesome oranges. Pure natural concentrate and only a small amount of spray is required to be effective.

Pure, natural orange oils and concentrated orange essence, taken from fresh, naturally grown oranges.

Suggested Use
Spray throughout rooms as needed. do not apply to skin.

Always direct spray away from face and into the middle of room. Never spray on plastics or painted surfaces such as toilet seats or acrylics due to the corrosive nature of citrus.

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