ATTITUDE: Little Ones Laundry Stain Remover Concentrated  Fragrance Free 16 OZ

Little Ones Laundry Stain Remover Concentrated Fragrance Free - 16 OZ

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*Little Ones


*1-4-Dioxane/Ethylene Oxide Free Tested in Independent Laboratory


*Certified Ecologo


*No Animal Testing

Industrial carcinogenic contaminants 1, 4-dioxane and ethylene oxide are regularly found in household products. This Attitude product does not contain these by-products listed as carcinogenic to humans by the international Agency for Research on Cancer (group 1 or 2). Eliminates the toughest stains. Safe for all colourfast washables and works in all temperatures.


We do everything we can to offer the greenest products in the world. Our EcoLogo certification is proof of our environmental leadership.

CO2 neutral:

We manufacture our product using 100% renewable energy and we plant trees to compensate our inevitable greenhouse gas emissions. This is how we contribute to the fight against climate change. Vegan product. Septic tank safe.

Suggested Use:

Spray directly onto stain. Rub Attitude Laundry Stain Remover into fabric. Wait 1 to 5 minutes depending upon the severity of the stain. Wash with Attitude Laundry Detergent for little ones. Always check labels or special instructions. Do not let dry on garment.

Other Ingredients:

Propanediol (5%-15%), lauryl glucoside (<5%), myristyl glucoside (<5%), caprylyl glucoside (<5%), sodium citrate (<5%), sodium gluconate (<5%), sodium iminodisuccinate (<5%), protease (<5%), water (>30%).


Keep out of reach of children.

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