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Attitude Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers Size. Cloth diapers are fantastic. But life being life, it's not always possible to use them. That's why ATTITUDE Eco-Friendly Diapers are there. A true ecological alternative to traditional disposable diapers, they are as effective, absorbent and comfortable. Made from renewable and compostable materials, they are also carbon neutral, which make ATTITUDE diapers the greenest disposable diapers in the world! Do it for our planet's future, do it for your baby's future.

Attitude Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers Features:

*Biodegradable: inner shell and padding

*Vegetable-based: materials from renewable resources

*CO2 neutral: they reduce and compensate their emissions

*Hypoallergenic: fragrance-free and chlorine-free

ATTITUDE products Are:

*Eco Logo

This certification by the Canadian government proves that their products respect the highest environmental standards. Eco-friendly is more than just natural or biodegradable.

*C02 Neutral

They plant trees and reduce their greenhouse gases emissions so that their carbon footprint is reduced to zero. This is the way to fight climate change.

*Not Tested On Animals

They believe in the ethical treatment of animals. This is reason why they offer cruelty free products.


Cellulose, Polylactic acid, Elastomer.

Suggested Use:

Place diaper under baby with tabs in back. Pull front diaper up to navel. Attach tab from back panel to special taping surface on front of diaper.


To avoid risk of suffocation, keep plastic bags away from babies and children. Choking may result from anything babies put in their mouths. To avoid risk of choking, do not allow baby to tear the diaper. Discard any torn or unsealable diapers. Attitude diapers, like almost any article of clothing, will burn if exposed to flame.

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