ANIMAL ESSENTIALS INC: SeaDent Powder for Dogs 70 gm

SeaDent Powder for Dogs - 70 gm

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  • Cleaner teeth and fresher breath
  • Contains Kelp and Enzymes
  • Fights plaque and bacteria in the mouth
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SeaDent Powder for Dogs by Animal Essentials, Inc.

SeaDent for Dogs combines the popular, plaque-fighting power of kelp with five well researched plant enzymes that have been proven to fight plaque and bacteria in the mouth. This allows SeaDent for Dogs to attack plaque-forming bacteria in multiple ways: by the systemic activities of the kelp, and by introduction of digestive and antibacterial enzymes that begin working against plaque immediately upon entering the mouth. These enzymes serve to break down various food particles that are trapped between the teeth and under the gum lines.


One scoop = approximately 300mg.

Small dogs(under 25 lbs) add ½ scoop (included in jar) to food at each feeding.
Dogs 25-50lbs – Add one scoop.
Dogs over50 lbs. – 2 scoops.

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