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My Face succeeded in liquefying crystal deodorant stones, which
are 100% effective in preventing body odor. With the calming and
relaxing properties of Patchouli. As always, our products
contain no animal ingredients, artificial colors, or unnecessary
chemicals and were not tested on animals. NO PARABENS!
neutralizes and eliminates odors no artificial fragrances
lasts all day colorless really works!

'I recently began using this product. It is simple to use due to the roll-on and oh, it smells good. This deodorant contains great natural products that are much better for you than what most other deodorants use. I am kind of a health nut, and have done thorough research on this company, and they truly do value natural ingredients and green practices. The product comes in different scents, making it fun to try them all. If your looking for a new alternative, that is much better for you I would try this. And, the product lasts all day and keep perspiration away.
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